Monday, 20 April 2009

Important sewing links

I have discovered a sewing website called and in between dot and cross sessions, have been glued to it! A very informative site indeed where you can watch videos, look at pictures and learn interesting things if you are sew inclined (boom boom!). My favourites:

Making and Using a Muslin video
- this video demonstrates not only how to alter your pattern to fit, but also how to make dart legs. This technique is handy for a whole range of pattern making pursuits.

Understanding Turn of Cloth - I didn't know such a thing even existed, but i'm very glad to know about it now! Especially as I would like to attempt a bit of tailoring at some stage.

Padding your Dressform - The next best thing to growing an extra pair of arms for fitting clothes on yourself. I already do the bra thing, but I hadn't thought of the bottom end!!

Manuel's free motion Embroidery - Mesmerising, fascinating - this man seems to control his extremly scary machine using his knees!

Pressing Templates
- Why didn't I think of this??

There are tips and techniques for just about any dressmaking conundrum that you can think of. I am still exploring but today I am attempting to make up my skirt pattern which has now been cut, tried and tested. Ready for the real thing now, and hope to be finished by Friday!


  1. Wow ... looks an amazing site - thanks for the links. I think I might spend a few hours there myself. x

  2. Some time ago a friend recommended Threads site and magazine to me...It is amazing all the website covers--there is so much help there. The magazine is great too, with instructions of producing very professional looking home-sewn projects. I have visited the site it a while...I should go just for fun! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  3. I wish you wouldnt do this Julia... yet another thing to keep me from doing the housework... YAY!!!! anything that distracts me from that is welcome!!

  4. oooh lovely! problem I have is I spend too much time looking, not enough time doing....

  5. Thanks for the to make another cup of coffee to enjoy with my reading :o)