Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Corsets for men

In amongst everything else, I've been sending off orders of corset kits and components. I'm very pleased with how things are going, as though I'm hardly rivalling the fortunes of Alan Sugar, I have sold quite alot of things without having actually done any paid advertising! All I've done so far, is take full advantage of the various social networks online, Facebook, Twitter, etc.,

I received an enquiry from one customer regarding a male corset, right at the same time I decided that I would make one for Mr Marmalade, as I have a pattern but have never made one!

So, I put a Mans kit on the site, and d'you know ... they have been MORE POPULAR than the ladies kits!!
The top corsitiere in the world is a man. He is called Mr Pearl and he has a very very small waist. He is corsitiere to the designers and the stars.

He makes all of his corsets by hand. No machines!

Ofcourse, one of his most celebrated clients is Ms von Teese herself who's waist, I have been told by a very reliable source, is "less than 20 inches". Sigh ...


  1. I adore the black corset with the heavy lacing down the front - that's surely not a man's corset?

  2. I'm glad you're doing so well - I thought you had a rant coming on (or was it a false alarm?) - I am looking forward to it, really!

    Pomona x

  3. Great news that it's all going so well! But a less than 20 inch waist - gosh!

  4. Hi julia,
    now that doesn't surprise me at all that the men's kit is going really well...historically men have always dressed up...think of the dandies... also the male of most species is usually the most colourful.. you know .. i'm talking peacock here!
    really pleased to hear it is going so well.
    hope you are feeling better now too,
    ginny x

  5. I hadn't thought about men's corsets you know. Interesting stuff. How on earth does he manage to sew them so securely by hand? The pressure on those stitches must be phenomenal. I do love all this info you give us, but I always end up wanting to know more julia! x

  6. Less than 20 inch waist... I'm sorry but she is DEFORMED! Really pleased the corset kits are doing well... onwards and upwards as they say!

  7. Blimey a less than 20 inch waist. Mad. So glad that you are doing so well, but then I knew you would.

    And isnt it always the way with men. If a woman does all the cooking then she is just a cook, if a man does then he is a chef! Obviously no different in the world of corsets! lol.


  8. Gracious me he makes an imposing sight, but his work is stunning.

  9. I watched the other day in "Ripley's belive it or not" a man whit a very thiny waist, they said he uwears the corset all the time and he makes them also.
    My personal opinion is that men don't look nice wearing corset =)

  10. Wow, I am so pleased it is going well for you. And isnt it strange that the mens are selling so well - but excellent news!


  11. Possibly the first time I have seen Sir Alan Sugar and male corsets mentioned in the same post. Possibly also the last!