Wednesday, 16 June 2010

McCalls coat finished - and a dress!

I'd love to have one of those terribly informative and lively blogs, where I would post every day without fail about ridiculously interesting sewing related stuff and have thousands of followers avidly hanging on my every needlesavvy fabrictastic word .. but unfortunately, my life right now seems to be dictating otherwise ..There is just SO MUCH TO DO, all the time!

I did manage to make a dress from a very old Burda Pattern.

I love it so much that I've been wearing it continuously for the last few weeks - it's made from a lovely cotton lawn,  lined with a plain red cotton lawn.  Perfect for pottering around a sunny garden don't you think? 

And perfect for holidays - I have worn them on many from Cuba to Cornwall and Italy in between.

I also finished my coat which has indeed been perfect for the not always balmy, British summer - as predicted, it is June and I am still wearing it, however, it has to be said that my last trip to Cuba became so chilly with an unexpected 'cold front' from the north,  that I could have done with it then too!

So much for the entire summer wardrobe I was planning to make ... maybe tomorrow!

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