Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Leaps of faith and new companies

Can you hear that noise? It's the creaky door which I haven't opened for quite a while it seems! Honestly, since September I have hardly been able to sniff nevermind write anything, it's been non-stop.

I had every intention of writing one of those 'looking back over the year' posts at new year, but you know how it is, life gets in the way of life and all that, and January, which I was expecting to be a quiet month, turned out to be my busiest month out of the last 12!

Now it is February, and things haven't really slowed down although I do find myself with a lull today, enabling me to write this - I may be close to the point of exhaustion collapse!

So this time last year, I took an enormous leap of faith. I spent all the money I had on a 6 year lease agreement to start renting my beautiful woodland cottage studio. It was the worlds most expensive lease agreement I might add - something to do with lawyers in London. I needed to move all my stuff out of home (it was taking over), have a lovely space to see clients, and a space in which to teach and work.  I got all of that - my leap paid off very well and this week  Sew Curvy was officially incorporated as Limited Company which feels very grown up and a trifle scary!

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