Monday, 26 October 2009

Chicken wire corset mannequin

or... how to make a corset mannequin with chicken wire and modrock!

The trouble with the usual type of mannequin or dress form is that they are too solid to model a corset - no 'squish' factor. To display corsets therefore, you can either use a couple of pillows like this ...

Or you can make a bust. The pillow option is ridiculously expensive as you need quite puffy feather pillows which are expensive. So I figured (haha!) i'd have to do something different for my shelf in Antiques on High. I had some chicken wire in the shed, so I rolled it up into a tube and tried to shape it ... without much success. It's quite 'bouncy' and I couldn't really make up my mind where the curves should go to start with. So I let the corset do the moulding - just as it would do on a person..

After much wrestling I managed to tie the corset around the chicken wire tube - corsets are quite springy too! Then after tightening the back laces quite gradually, I then modelled the wire from the inside.

With a bit of artistic 'scrunching' at the top and bottom, the thing took shape - the corset here isn't quite finished, so I had to be a bit careful with the stray bits of wire poking out from the chicken mesh.
I fancied a bit of a play with some Modrock, though really i'm not sure the bust needs it. It will add stability and a bit of strength anyway, and OH! what FUN!! Squidgy, squadgy bandages! I found it quite meditative when smoothing them over the form..

So here is 'Katie'! Don't ask me why her name is Katie, it just is .. And currently, she is 'drying' in the shed after having been sprayed with a whole can of paint. Stay tuned to find out What Katie did Next!


  1. I love modrock, good for so many things!! Can't wait to see what colour katie is...


  2. Playing around with those bandages looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see what Katie did next.

  3. I hope she behaves better than the other 'Katie' :)

  4. Its all a bit fetishy! I like it.

    You could always fill her with silk (or newspaper in the bottom and silk at the top) so it overflows at the top.

    You must be so excited getting ready for your display in a shop!


  5. Now... I never even knew that stuff existed... so many creative things out there and only one lifetime eh? Looks great Julia.

  6. Katie may not realise how glamourous her life in corsets is going to be!

  7. Excellent Job! The corset looks stunning.

    Great idea with the chicken wire etc.

  8. Mmmm modroc.....I think its marvellous stuff....and Katie has turned out very well!!

  9. What a brilliant idea! I bet playing with the bandages was great fun! The corset looks amazing btw.

  10. That does look like a very fun way to spend a few hours!

  11. I like Katie. She's my kind of woman.