Sunday, 25 October 2009

Corset Construction Part 3

As you know, I've been making a 'display' corset from one of the patterns I'm offering for sale as part of a kit. The Simplicity 9769. It's a while since I posted parts ONE and TWO - just click on those links to catch up. At this stage, there are only a few things left to do, but these are the most time consuming! First, the bones need to go in...

There are 20 flat steel bones in this model. These "bones" are made from flattened steel springs which are then coated in plastic - this gives them the flexibility they require in order to mold your body - note: the bones mold your body, not the other way around! No need to use spiral bones as there are no 'horizontal' type curves - ie: the curves go straight up and down.

After the bones are all inserted, the trim needs to go on - I decided to trim a few of the bone channels - hence it goes on after the bones (so you don't sew through the bone channels!) and before the binding (to get a neat finish).

I've had this trim for AGES AND AGES! It's been waiting for just the right project, and I think this is it! It's a Victorian style daisy guipre trim.

Now it's time to bind the top and bottom. This can be done either with bias binding cut from your original fabric, or a contrasting satin bias binding ready made.

This is acetate satin binding. It goes on the top and bottom edges of the corset. This is where my sewing room turns into the "House of Flying Needles" !!

I broke FIVE needles doing this part - my own fault entirely, not paying enough attention. I forgot to move the bones up while I was sewing each respective edge. Humph. As you can see i'm using "sharps". These are special sharp needles, perfect for topstitching all those bone channels and layers. The underside of the binding now needs to be handstitched on the reverse.

Now ... what to do with it??

It's still not finished (binding to be handstitched), and it doesn't float! I needed to make a bust for the display which sort of happened in the middle of things!


  1. I wish I had the time and patience to make something so beautiful! (Not to mention the figure to wear it!)

  2. Its gorgeous !!!
    Wow you really have it going on!!!
    ((Wish I had the figure to wear it too)

  3. Such painstaking work! Beautiful.

    It reminds me of my sister struggling in vain to get into a 'whaleboned' bodice and bemoaning that we would need to 'send for another whale'!

  4. Your Magic Floating Corset is so very beautiful, Julia! The red with contrasting black is perfect. Just amazed seeing some behind-the-scenes with all this... Thanks for letting us know about pushing up the bones before doing the binding--I hate when a needle breaks, that sound... yikes! Happy Sewing :o) ((HUGS))

  5. Wow this is completely stunning Julia. Awe inspiring. What a feat of fabulous engineering.

  6. You may not know what to do with it. And, you may never try something so awesome again. And, you might just want to put it up for a few years and then take it out and admire it all over again. Spectacular! Mind-blowing! You should be very proud.