Friday, 30 April 2010

Corset kits

I have been very busy with my Corsetry Kits and supplies, which are flying out of the door, I guess intime for the wedding season.  I have been buying stock, adding things like trims to the shop and finding lovely new wholesalers who are supplying me with  new fabrics and patterns a'plenty!  

Latest acquisition on this front is some unbelievably good value cotton Coutil fabric - this is a traditional corsetry fabric - in white.  It's 100% cotton, herringbone weave, and a whopping 160cm wide which, at £7.99/metre means that this coutil is the best value I can find anywhere on the internet - and it's in my shop!  If there are any wedding dress makers out there, this is the stuff you need for making your inner corsolettes!

I have also been designing a logo for my business.  I can't afford to pay a proper designer, so i've been learning Adobe Illustrator with the help of this book, which has been fantastic!  

I wanted my design to look a bit like a tattoo to give it a modern edge, using the colours of my website, and the colours inspired by this mood board ..

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