Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The future ..

I kind of forgot to draw the winner of my giveaway on Sunday night, hence the rushed winners post on Monday morning.

I wanted to say Thank You for entering the giveaway, thank you for your very lovely and positive comments, and thank you for reading!  I also wanted to make a few comments on some of the things mentioned...

Melissa (who won) said that she'd like to see some bra making ... this is definitely in my plans this year.  I have bought a pattern for this (see left), but I am also a subscriber to a website called "Foundations Revealed".  Its an information resource put together by top corsetiers and costumiers with all sorts of amazing information including a very good series on professional bra making and drafting.  If you want to start making corsets or bras or both, or if you already do then you can't go wrong with a subscription to FR ... I thought that nearly £10 a month was a little expensive, but I'm still paying!  It's a great site AND it has free articles including one on how to draft your own corset pattern.  Regarding bra making,  I have seen lots of people buying this book which is apparently THE book to use:

available online - search for the best price it ranges from  $5.00 to £70!!
Bekibutton says that she too likes corsetry posts and wishes to know more on how to put them together. 

Well as you can see, I have re-arranged the furniture here a little and now have some tabs at the top, one of which is labelled "corsetry" .. This is where relevant 'tutorials' and tips will go.  In there at the moment is "a quick guide to making a corset" which might be useful for those starting out.

Belissima mentions cup corsets - yes! me too .. a corset with cups is called a "Merry Widow".  Perhaps I will work on this for my party outfit next xmas!  It would certainly be the best support for a strapless dress.
you might never need one of these again!
Helen X mentioned my skirt block tutorial.  I had hoped to continue this series last year, but life got in the way as usual.  I do hope to continue with a few variations on the skirt block this year.  Once you get the basics you can make any skirt you like!

Tutorials were mentioned by most people, and so I have added tabs at the top of the blog for ease of reference as follows:

Dressmaking tutorials
 for all dressmaking related tutorials, including the skirt block series

Craft tutorials
 for the crafting tutorials I have written - things like making customised towels, flowers, and toe separators

 -as mentioned, for all corset related tutorials

Quick tips
for little snippets of info that aren't really a tutorial but just as handy to know

I was quite surprised at how few tutorials there are!  I hope to be adding to them soon.

The left sidebar now contains pictures of patterns that I own and have selected for my future wardrobe.  I will be endeavour to make them up and will link to each project from the picture as we go.  I read Erica B's "old year/new year" post a week or so ago and was astounded at what she'd achieved in the year.. Well if she can do it, I am going to have a damn good try myself!

And then there was lovely Jenny who is getting married this year .. regular readers will know that a long held desire of mine is to make a wedding dress, and I have lots of silk!  I think I might be stretching my 2011 aspirations a bit too far with this one, but I can still dream!

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