Monday, 7 February 2011

Laughing Moon Dore corset

This is what i'm working on at the moment.  Not a corset but a set of techniques.

If I told you the techniques i'm working on now, i'd have to kill you.

I'm particularly pleased with the way the front panels line up quite perfectly

And i'm extra pleased at the way the lining - a soft cotton sateen - has turned out.  This is a three layer corset, made from 2 layers of coutil and a floating lining.

As you know, I'm writing a beginners guide to corsetry for Rainbow Disks.  It will be published in the autumn, in time for Christmas and I want it to be THE corset book to get.

Tell me ... If you were making a corset for the first time ever, what do you think you would like to know?

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