Monday, 11 July 2011

Been and gone ..

I've been away! Not that you'd probably notice ... I've been to north east Italy to see my friend who I refer to here as 'The Italian Connection'.  She's not Italian, just lives there, and we've been best friends for 22 years this September!  We had a perfectly girly (or girlily perfect?) 4 days filled with peace and quiet, husbandless solitude, lots of chatting, eating, more chatting, more eating and general flopping about in the sun ... absolute bliss.

I must have needed the break! It's been non stop frenzy at Sew Curvy HQ ever since I returned on Friday, but in a good, refreshed way.  Not only did I wrap up a large backlog of a orders, I also changed around my sewing room so that it now resembles a proper studio.  I'm VERY pleased with the results.  Mr Marmalade made some 'stilts' for my regular table making into a perfect cutting table, and we moved an armoir downstairs where it is more useful.  He also constructed a 'bone holder' for all the different sized corset bones I have to keep organised. I now have a useful, workable area for sewing, design and admin. 

Here's the 'design and making' side - can you see the stilts on the table?:

Here's the 'sewing and admin' side:

I even managed to utilise some CD shelves which would otherwise have been passed on for recycling elsewhere - now that we all have ipods, there is no need for CD's to sit around collecting dust (we don't even have a CD player in the house).  Ideal for storing rolls of ribbon, tape, threads etc for my shop.

So it's been all go, but now thanks to long luxurious evening drinks on an Italian patio, I am itching like mad!  We were right in the sticks there and I was practically eaten alive!    Luckily, my friend Jane has posted a timely tutorial on her blog The Soap Teacher, giving instructions on how to make an antiseptic balm which takes the sting away from bites.  A summer essential for anyone I think!

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