Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Unusual tools for sewing

Have you laid a wooden or laminate floor lately?  In which case - have you got some of these ....

I said BLOCK!

This is a "heavy duty knocking block" - sounds a bit risque doesn't it?   I use it for weighting my patterns - like this...

tracing a corset block from a master pattern
I also use large washers to weigh down pattern pieces on fabric.  You can get them from any hardware shop.  Mine cost 5p each - i've got 20.  They are indispensable.  I'm going to make some heavy duty ones by glueing two washers together.  I use the washers to hold the patterns in place, and then the knocking block to hold the pattern piece and the fabric in place while I cut it out with the rotary cutter.  

When I use my washer weights, I feel like a croupier!
As for my indispensable sewing tools - the rotary cutter you see pictured, my graders set square which isn't pictured, and my lovely wonderful French curve.  Sewing tools I just couldn't live without these days.
This is not the same as the Shoben Patternmaster which I have put firmly in the dustbin.

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