Thursday, 16 February 2012

A room of one's own .. or three!

I have some amazing news Dear Readers ... it's all happened ridiculously fast!    So fast, that this time last week, I wouldn't have dreamed that i'd be writing this post today ... A little tiny bit of background..

2 years ago, I became aware of a litte cottage studio in the woods near me - it's on an estate and part of a larger art studio complex.  The studio was occupied by a successful curtain making business and although I thought that it would be perfect for me one day, I never thought it would ever become available... I would look through the windows wistfully, imagining the possibilities, and then spend idle moments on the interweb looking for a similar set up - ofcourse, nowhere was quite so perfect, infact nothing compared, but I held the dream.

6 months ago, I was told that this little cottage may be coming up for rent, but I ignored this because I thought i'd never be able to afford the rent.   Then a few weeks ago, I was involved in a very exciting online conversation with some corset making friends.  I can't tell you about that but it was one of those conversations of such amazing magnitude  that it can't fail to inspire all those involved and it  gets you thinking in different ways, and then before you know it, your other half is making encouraging noises about similar projects - and so it was with me and Mr Marmalade last week.  Actually, he looked at me in my spare room studio and said  in the nicest way "you've got to get out"...

On Monday, I called the agent who looks after the cottage studio and guess what ... it is still available after 6 months of being 'on the market' and the rent is much more reasonable that I'd imagined. It's as if it really was waiting for me -  here it is:

And guess what?  I went to see it yesterday - it's so perfect for my plans! It has a room downstairs, plus a kitchen, and it has two larger rooms upstairs.  This morning I sent off the deposit and I move in mid-March.  Sew Curvy is expanding!

After we've tarted it up inside, there will be my own dedicated sewing space, an HQ for the Sew Curvy shop, a 'salon' for my private clients, and most exciting of all, a big, light, workshop space where I shall teach people all about the wonders of corsetry and dressmaking!  So there we have it .. a real "House of Marmalade"

I am still in a daze, but stay tuned for progress reports!

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