Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sew Curvy Cottage - the beginning

Lordy, I haven't posted for ages ... The last few weeks have been an utter whirlwind. You know i've taken on a new studio, well today I went to 'measure up' in advance of getting the keys ... Here's some pics...
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This is the lovely front door. I'm thinking of painting it green so that when I hold workshops I can say that we're all "having fun behind the green door" hehe!!

Here is the 'front room'.  I am hoping that we can get the fireplace working. There is no heating!  Behind here is a little kitchen and loo.

Upstairs there are two rooms.  This one is the smaller room and it will be Sew Curvy HQ.  Lots of storage/shelving etc., Much bigger than my spare room at home which is the current HQ.

This is the bigger room which will be used for workshops.  The big cutting table will go in here, along with 5 other tables and all my vintage sewing machines!

I get the keys next week when cleaning/painting and arranging will follow in a frenzy!  I'll post progress pics for you as we go. 

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