Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sew Curvy Studio - progress

Hello! It's my weekly (?) pop up from the dust, and painting in Sew Curvy Cottage .. here are some progress pics so far ...

A friend has acquired this Edwardian drop arm mini sofa and is recovering it for me

The bathroom needs cheering up ALOT, so i'm going with a retro rockabilly theme - the blind is made, the leopard skin is to cover a mirror frame.  

I've bought many tea set trios for tea and cake :)

In between it all, there has been a little portfolio design work

The Sew Curvy Shop is fully operational again after a one day move

Colours are being chosen

More china trio's and a vintage picnick basket - what more could we ask for?  Sunshine .. oh yes .. that too.

So - it's all go!  The EXCITING news to which my title refers, is that I will soon be doing another AMAZING giveaway with Dragonfly Fabrics.  Go on.... have a sneaky peek at their summer fabrics now, because you'll have some deciding to do soon ...

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