Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Corset making courses

Has anyone yet discovered how to make working holograms of oneself - in manner of Star Wars?  I need at least three.

The last few weeks have been a frenzy of activity .. there have been corsets to make ... along with Photographers and models to find ... and I'm happy to report, both have been found so I'll be doing a 'shoot' as they say, in the not too distance future.  My model has a Debbie Harry meets Gwen Stefani meets Jean Harlow look ... Inspiring much drama!

my latest - a bridal boudoir piece

I've also been teaching my socks off! There was the Introduction to Corsetry Course with 5 lovely lovely students including my first male student who was amazing.

Picnic lunch at the Sew Curvy Studio - so good a passer by asked where she could buy some!
He made a corset for his wife, and not only did it go together seamlessly (pardon the pun) but it fit her perfectly when he got home!

A Victorian style corset made with genuine Victorian fabric!
Oh .. and did I mention, he bought fabrics from the 18th and 19th century?  Gorgeous.  See more pics of the course here.

Selection of vintage fabrics from Morgan le Fay Antique Textiles

I've been teaching a weekly dressmaking course for beginners in Oxford, and also, we had the Sparklewren Masterclass at the Sew Curvy Studio - that was on Friday and was amazing!  4 keen beans learning about all manner of embellishments, we made a sampler each with layered lace, beads, crystals, feathers and more.  The day was full of sparkle in every way.  You can read a review here, and see more pics here.

And now the summer seems to have reached us (touch wood!) and I want to make a summer dress ... I have a collection of Collette patterns, but which to choose?  A simple one I think.  Anyone got a hologram going spare?  Must be able to sew.

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