Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Sparklewren boutique

A corset making friend of mine is planning something exceptionally exciting and I really want her to succeed.

Jenni, the creative genius behind Sparklewren is one of the most - if not the most - talented and innovative corsetieres in the UK today and I am utterly convinced that one day her name will be whispered in the same breath as Mr Pearl in the highest circles of couture - she has already dressed  Immodesty Blaize the Queen of British Showgirls.

Immodesty Blaize wearing a Sparklewren Corset
The project is ambitious - a temporary pop-up boutique in a Victorian shopping arcade in the centre of Birmingham, with 'living windows', a working atelier, and exclusive 'salon' evenings.  The Sparklewren Boutique will be stunning and it will raise the profile of top class corsetry,  making it much more accessible to those who may not otherwise know such a wonderful art form exists, and it will inspire other young, aspiring British designers to reach for the skies too.

Obviously, to get the project off the ground requires some finance and to this end, Jenni is raising money by crowdfunding, discounted etsy sales, and a little bit of teaching.  The deadline is 18 May - just over 2 weeks time!

I have a great deal to thank Jenni for - a list far too long to explain in this post - but it is why I want to help her raise all the money she needs for this project.   If you beleive in beauty and in art, and have a couple of spare pennies, perhaps you could help this wonderful project on it's way - every pound counts towards the total and she is currently a little behind target.  It really would be a crying shame if her amazing ideas and inspirational plans were to be thwarted by lack of funding.

For more details of the project along with details on how you can help realise a dream,  please click the link above.
Another amazing Sparklewren creation

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