Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Remember a while back I posted a link to a Sponsume page for my friend Jenni?  Well ... She made her target and yesterday opened her pop up corsetry boutique in Birmingham.  I went up to help her for the day, last minute stitching and other preparations...

The space that Jenni has created is dreamily gorgeous, with huge guilt mirrors, soft drapes, and opulent fur rugs, not to mention her exquisite Sparklewren work on display and for sale.

And the window!  The shop is in a Victorian arcade which has kept many of it's original features.  The shop has the most beautiful curved window,  behind which stands a Charles James inspired gown which  is set off by magnificent gilded panels created by textural artist Emily Swift-Jones.

And the bonkers thing ... Years ago when I made my first corset ... and then not so long ago when I wrote my first words on this blog, little did I know where my passion would lead to and that I'd be lacing Britain's top burlesque star into an exquisite corseted gown ready for her special guest appearance at the boutique of a talented friend I met online!

The internet is truly an amazing place, and yesterday was an amazing day ... Here is the picture I took of the beautiful Immodesty Blaize after our rendezvous in the dressing room!

If you're in Birmingham, nip along to see the Sparklewren Boutique.  It's in the Great Western Arcade for 6 months only!  And if you're on Facebook, you can see more pics here.

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