Friday, 22 June 2012

Plunge corset based on Edwardian original

I've also been making a 'signature portfolio' of my corsetry work.  So far i've got 4 corsets and a wedding gown.  I've also got a model, photographer, hairdresser, location and even an assistant!

My asssitant is a fashion student helping me for a month.  She is a god send!!  I've got through so many tasks with her help.

My portfolio will focus on Bridal wear.  There are some underwear corsets, some outerwear corsets, one complete gown and a couple of boudoir items.

The first bridal boudoir corset is done.  It's made from a beautiful ivory damask, has a very deep plunge, based on an Edwardian original in the Symington Collection which is called the Sanakor Corset.  Who knew the Edwardians would go in for such a plunge?  In reality, the top of the plungy cups only came to mid bust and were there for gentle support rather than cuppage.

The back is a sweetheart shape and the top is trimmed with a beautiful cotton guipre edging.

It has gold accents with light topaz Swarawski rhinestones for added sparkle. 

 I'm very pleased with it.  My next boudoir peice will be similar to this but with a very dramatic edge.

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