Tuesday, 18 August 2009

How to sew gussets and gores in corsets

Today I have mostly been TEARING MY HAIR OUT!!!!!!

Trying a new corset pattern, it seems that the instructions are less than useless and obviously written by a teddy bear in deepest darkest Peru who has never even seen a sewing machine, never mind a corset - well at least he might like marmalade sandwiches ;)!

But eventually, after deciding to ditch the stupid pattern, and 'do it myself'....

I have some rather lovely lines...

And the bonus is, that not having any 'scrap' fabric, I chose to make it from a peice of 'good' fabric which I didn't particularly like.

But now I do like it. 
Very very much.

Pattern is by Simplicity


  1. Ha ha love the teddy bear description!!!! xx

  2. Good for you, on ditching the instructions... it turned out great..I have done that myself a few times... I have alway wondered "WHO" writes them anyway and have they ever sewn before!!...

  3. Aha! Are we close to designing a corset pattern I wonder?

  4. Wow, that looks jolly complicated! well done!

  5. It all looks unbelievably clever to me! Was the pattern from an old needlework manual? I find a lot of them rather difficult to understand - I think they assume a rather higher level of needlework skill than I possess!

    Pomona x

  6. Aha, are we transcending into becoming the teacher rather than the student? Paddinton in a corset.... is that what he wears under that duffle coat!

    It looks fantastic and you are way to clever for your own good! ;D

    Just to let you know I am having a giveaway, pop over and leave a comment and I will pop your name in the hat!


  7. Ooo you are so talented missus
    twiggy x

  8. Oh, that does look tough work...but look how great you've come along...hooray! Sometimes instructions are just no good...wonder how they get to being anyway? So sometimes best to just make up one's own while going along... :o) Happy Day...and Happy Sewing ((HUGS))

  9. Just do it your way. I'm sure it's far more logical!

  10. Oh! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. Paddinton in a corset.... is that what he wears under that duffle coat!
    It looks fantastic.

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