Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Vintage Jewellery

When I handed over Miss L's dress to her I was quite sad ... it was like letting go of a part of my life, strange as it may seem.  Ofcourse it was always for her, and I was happy to let it go, but it had consumed me so much that when it left, there was a bit of a gap.  The deal I had with Miss L was that I wouldn't charge her for my 'labour' as it was the first dress I had ever made from scratch and I didn't really know how it would go, but she would pay for the materials. 

I wasn't expecting any other 'payment' than what we had agreed, but Miss L had other ideas and secretly texted Mr Marmalade to find out what I might like as a gift.  Between them, they decided to indulge my  penchent for sparkly vintage things and she subsequently presented these lovelies to me.  Aren't they just divine?  They are all from c. 1930 and were mounted on a peice of vintage velvet ribbon.  
I particularly adore this pair of diamante buttons.

I've built a little collection of vinage buckles over the last year or so, here just for the sake of my own pleasure, is the rest of my treasure...

Can you see the "shell" buckle on the right?  I had a bit of bother over that.  It cost me £4.00 on ebay.  The chap selling it, mailed me about a week after I won  the auction saying that he had dropped it and it had broken, therefore would I accept a refund? ... 'I don't think so'  thought I and so followed a lengthy email exchange where ultimately I insisted that I didn't mind receiving the 'damaged' item and he had no choice but to send it to me.  Ofcourse, it arrived in PERFECT condition and I suspect that I got a very big bargain!!

But where did Miss L get her treasure I hear you ask??  WELLLLL.....

Miss L's mum, the lovely Mrs L (for the sake of consistency), happens to be a world expert on Vintage Jewellery, and selling it is how she makes her living.  I love the story she told me about an occasion at Portobello Market where a smart but unassuming American lady came to her stall and purchased a couple of items which Mrs L presumed to be intended gifts for loved ones 'back home'.  The next day, Mrs L was surprised to find her email inbox full of queries and requests from many prop buyers in London explaining that THE top prop buyer of Hollywood had recommended her as "someone who knows her stuff".  
So if you're after some Vintage Gorgeousness, check out Bag The Jewels, and find yourself something genuinely special.


  1. The behaviour of the shell buckle seller seems highly suspicious. Probably planning to relist it later to get a better price! I'm pleased that you stood your ground.

    Your sparkle of buttons and buckles is lovely. (I am assuming that 'sparkle' is the collective noun for this grouping)

  2. Awww glad you like them :-D xx

  3. All you have to say is sparkle and vintage in the same sentence and I am all ears....very nice....shame on the buckle man, but good for you....

  4. Hello, thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog! The dress you made is gorgeous and I love all the sparkly buckles!
    : )

  5. What gorgeous bits of treasure. I'm glad you got your buckle from that unscrupulous man!

  6. Aha... another magpie! I love all things sparkly... I still have my buckle, I just like to sit and look at it... haven't the heart to actually attach it to anything.. lol

    I love the shell one my mum has some lovely pieces.. which will apparently come my way... but i am in no hurry .. I would rather have my mum! :D

    x Alex

  7. Beautiful treasure Julia - they're stunning - and what a great story. I'll email you about the other kind of treasure.

  8. Those are wonderful! Not as wonderful as the dress you made, but then, what could be?

  9. Ooooh, very lovely sparkles. Sounds like a very good way to be paid for dressmaking!

  10. I love the shimmery goodness of it all!

  11. Aren't you the magpie? Those are beautiful.