Saturday, 26 September 2009

Corset Crazy!

Whilst ambling past a charity shop the other day, I spied some treasure in the window and nearly broke my neck rushing inside to claim it for my own!

A Corset Chamber Pot!! What a find. On enquiring as to why the price tag was so hefty - £20 - the Brucey Bonus was revealed. Port Meirion!! I paid up and upon arriving home immediately checked ebay to see if it was really a bargain. I found one the same for £35.00 .. not bad, but what else did I find?

A matching pot which I won for £3.49! Now they are mine all mine! And they do a good job of holding all my sewing bits and bobs which I need at hand.

Talking of corsets, I have had some orders from my website!! Including one from a nice lady all the way from Sweden!

In between projects I am trying to develop a little waspie kit to go on the site. This will include instructions on how to make your own pattern - that's the best way to get a good fit. I've discovered a new site in America which is selling 1 pattern corset kits at over $100 a kit!! It does included your fabric ready cut, but even so, I think it's a bit on the pricey side.


  1. They look like crockery items purpose made for you!

  2. This is great but oh my golly, that dress in your last post is GORGEOUS! feel most inspired x