Thursday, 10 September 2009

Simplicity corset with gores and gussets

I have finished another corset! This is really only a 'pretend' corset - a test piece made from 'scrap' fabric which I used to test a new pattern and for photographing different parts of the corset making process in order to make tutorials for the website.

However, despite the fact that it's not a proper corset in terms of the fabric used, I'm really pleased with it. It's made up from a new Simplicity pattern which I was a bit dubious about as the picture on the front of the pattern envelope isn't half as nice as the finished product in real life. There are some lovely lovely lines on it and it is a very simple corset to make up once you've got the hang of the gussets. (I'm writing some additional pattern instructions to go with my kit).

The reason this corset is easy is because there are only 4 main pieces - 2 each side - when you consider that some have as many as 20 pieces you see why it's 'easy'! The simplicity of the design means that this corset could easily be made up in a lovley patterned fabric because the minimal number of seams would not detract or distort the fabric design as much as one which has 20 or so seams. It also means that the corset is not as 'restrictive' as other corsets as there are not so many bones in it.

I now have 5 tutorials on my website. Do pop over and have a look if you have time, and let me know if they look easy to follow and inspirational.

I have received a few positive responses to the seed swap post and will post further details tomorrow.


  1. Love your new test corset. Although I think even four pieces would have me vexed! lol.

    Loved your post yesterday by the way. I have been thinking about using some of the old fashioned/ecco cleaning products. The one I use at the moment is horrible. and does make you wonder about its saftey. Thank you for such enlightening posts.


  2. Wow, you've been so busy! The website looks great. Good luck with it! Hope you had a lovely Summer. x