Tuesday, 22 September 2009

On the Make

It's been a hive of the usual sewing activity here in The House of Marmalade this weekend (what do you mean it's nearly Wednesday?!), and here are two of the things i've been making.

Firstly, a birthday present for a little boy. He will be 5. I really wanted to make some bunting for his bedroom, but how do you decorate bunting for a little boy at this stage where he's growing out of babyhood and into boyhood - I want him to like it for at least a couple of years.

The answer is (I think) cool and earth friendly - 'Rock Star' bunting is the thing, and it's made from a heap of Jimmy's old jeans and an old sheet - plus a few scraps of fabric for the pictures and letters. I'm very pleased with the result - suitably 'boyish' don't you think?

The other thing I am exceptionally pleased with having made, is a proper tailors ham. Yes a proper one. Not a 'pretend' one like the one I made a while ago which is stuffed with old rags and scraps and made of cotton.

The new one, named "Shamu" (teehee) after the killer whales at Sea World .. because every time I look at 'her', I think of those lovely creatures. Luckily, this one isn't endangered. Here you can see the difference between the two hams. "Shamu" is lovely and firm, and very smooth. She is made from wool on one side, and cotton on the other, and she is stuffed to the consistency of a brick, with sawdust. The sawdust draws the moisture from the iron, through the wool apparently, and thus helps with shaping your curves. It's a must for any dressmaking pursuit and I really don't know how I coped without one for so long! The difference between the two, although they look the same, is phenomenal. I got the instructions HERE.

The third thing I've been making is Mrs P's dress which I will post about soon as it is very nearly finished!


  1. I love the bunting - really inspired!

    Pomona x

  2. lucky birthday boy - the bunting's sure to be a success.

  3. The bunting is fabulous. Great use for old jeans.

  4. The bunting is perfect! What a great way to recycle denim.

  5. I am so fascinated by this tailor's sham! Want to know more as anything that helps with ironing curves has got to be good x

  6. Gorgeous bunting, how could a little boy not love it! Brilliant way to make use of old jeans. It's so neatly made, if you ever want to share how you made it I'd love to know!
    Never heard of a tailor's ham and very intrigued by its use.

  7. Lovely bunting - and the tailor's ham looks fabulously useful. Wish I'd heard of them before.

    PS I am merrily saving seeds ready to send.I have no idea whether any will germinate ...

  8. Ooh I never knew what a ham was. Thanks for the info. Also the bunting is great!